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Файл 143223369052.jpg - (52.27KB , 500x351 , 134394044341.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
136798 No. 136798
Здесь мы продолжаем перевод текста для отправки на бухту12.
Перевод лежит здесь

>>101442 Предыдущий, бамплимит.
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>> No. 136800
Закидывай сюда копии своих переводов, чтоб легче было видеть на чем остановился перевод.
>> No. 136815

- How dare you to speak like that with THE AMBASSADOR...- you tried to cover yourself with the title, as soon you couldn't ack like local, but vociferous basso from behind your back interrupted you.
- Private, what the clowns are that? - you turned around. Way for retreat was blocked by two man.
- A dwarf and a kobold, faking a dog, sir! - beardless one snapped to attention.
- I see for myself! - squad captain roared - Interrogate him!
- Give me the spear! And don't do anything stupid - tols the third guard, redhead maypole. Beeing so outcounted you wasn't even thinking about resistance.
- You name! - asked breadless.
- I'm Tok Buketotil an ambassador from Arol-Iton - you answered much more confidently.
- And what about the kobold?
- He is a jester - a gifl for King Likot, the lord of Akrulaban. That's where I'm heading!
- An Ambassador? - the soldier laughed - And where is you escort?
- Look, his back is covered with blood! - redhead shouted.
- My guide has falled, saving me from bandits. I've barely survived - you hastened to answer.
- Give me that! - redhead lended his hand and gave him the backpack.
The maypole delved in it for a while than he showed the contents to captain.
- I got it! - captain said - You and your kobold-friend are bandits. You've attacked some noble traveler and robbed him, and you're trying to cheat captain of King Nimu III army.
- Wait, I can prove! - you took out a letter from a beltbag.
Captain took it not even lokking at it, he commanded - Take them away!
>> No. 136816
- Run, Nux, run! - you shouted and punched redhead maypole ball's and hard as you can, he doubled over.
Next moment you were knocked out by captains punch.

You recovered consciousness in a dark close room. Dim light was falling form a small barred window. You saw a surly bold human and a dwarfess in a semidarkness.
- Finally you awake! - she said in an absolutely inappropriate in such situation tone - I'm so glad, he - she pointer on the human - is absolutely nothing to speak about with!
- Where is Nux? - you asked.
- Who?
- The kobold. He was with me.
- I don't know, you were alone when you've been carried here a couple hours ago.
>> No. 136817
You got up slowly and walked to the bench tottering. You were dyzzy, your cheeck was aching, but teeth were all intact. You sat near the bold maypole, and lend him a hand.
- Tok. Tok Buketotil - you introduced yourself.
He turned his head slowly and looked at you top down/
- Oh, that was tough...- you continued not waitiong for an answer - Are you OK?
- Normal - the bold guy answered - Call me Tomod.
- Can you break the wall?
- No point - Tomod's speeck was leisurely and monotonous.
- You won't get any more from him - dwarfess barge in you converation - you better tell me how did you get here?
- That was a misunderstanding - you caimed - I'm an ambassador from Arol-Iton, headed to Akrulaban and those humans..
- Our world is very small
Tons of ways and spots
But cannot we avoid at all
incrediblest bouts
>> No. 136818
You got up slowly and walked to the bench tottering. You were dyzzy, your cheeck was aching, but teeth were all intact. You sat near the bold maypole, and lend him a hand.
- Tok. Tok Buketotil - you introduced yourself.
He turned his head slowly and looked at you top down/
- Oh, that was tough...- you continued not waitiong for an answer - Are you OK?
- Normal - the bold guy answered - Call me Tomod.
- Can you break the wall?
- No point - Tomod's speeck was leisurely and monotonous.
- You won't get any more from him - dwarfess barge in you converation - you better tell me how did you get here?
- That was a misunderstanding - you caimed - I'm an ambassador from Arol-Iton, headed to Akrulaban and those humans..
- Our world is very small
Tons of ways and spots
But cannot we avoid at all
incrediblest bouts - she recited a fragment of unknown poem then she told that her name is Shasad Volanunol and that she going back to Akrulaban after delivering a message from King Likot.

в предыдущем посте забыл кусок после стишка.
>> No. 136820
- So, why are you here? - you asked Shasad.
- I didn't get it - she shruged - couple of days ago when we were heading to Arol-Iton with the caravan they wasn't really care.
- And you? - you turned towards Tomod.
- That's simple - Shasad barged in before human could think an answer - he was trying to steal food from locals.
- What do you think they are gonna do with us? - you continued to poke about.
- I don't know - Shasad lowered her head.
- They'll bring us to the royal trial - Tomod answered - there is nothing to guess about.
- Nimu III? - you remembered that captain said that name - do you know anything about him?
- Ha, you call yourself an ambassador - Shasad cheered up - that is the lord of Melatome.
- Melatome?
- The Human city on the ever-ice border on the north - she explained - You know anything about the world aroud, Tok Snow!?(translators joke). Nimu III rules the city for 24 years. He is obsessed with the idea to smash the goblins in war which was started in the time of his grandfather, with a variable success.
- His army ravages villages even worse than goblin raids - Tomod flared up.
You were going to point the Tomod was doing the same but you discreetly decided to keep silence.
- And how is Akrulaban going? - you asked.
- Not bad, we lack of workers, we need migrant very much. We are just 23, 22 to be precise. Furthermore, not much time before i left, King Likot went to the caverns to explore. So when the caravan came our manager wasn't really happy to let me go with the message, but he agreed when I promised to haste back - she shaked her head - That's my haste.
- Nux, my companion, told me that you have a monster in your fortress, which barely ate a whole goblins army.
- Oh, you really don't know much - Shasad said and started to tell you the latest history of Akrulaban. Meanwhile you were thinking about Nux. Interesting, would you see him once again.

You were running very long, first along the road, then through the hills and long grass. Looks like the chase lost you. You unleashed the trouser-leg knotted on your neck and put trousers on. The last few days, filled with fear and hardship, practically fought off any thirst of adventures, but you were hauted by thought about that strange noble-dwarf who could be you ticket to the world of welth and glory you couldn't even dream about.

??иии... конец 24 треда
>> No. 136821
Чордъ, несколько ошибок подкрались незаметно.

cholol даже капче смешно.
>> No. 136822
>they wasn't really care
>> No. 136823
Да-да. Знаю. Тут вообще можно редактировать посты или нет?
>> No. 136827
Файл 14323096119.jpg - (384.54KB , 1920x1080 , mapENG.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Держите карту на латинице
>> No. 136831
Ого, спасибо!
Только удалять.

Спасибо всем переводящим. Думаю еще перевести >>133964 и >>133979 и выложить как забавный неканон.

А PSDA таки попал на забугорную вики, правда в виде небольшого упоминания http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/Dwarf_Fortress_webcomics#Adventures_of_Likot_Udendeb
c:gobins на что-то намекает.
>> No. 136832
>Admired for its flexible storyline
Жаль только, что сторилайн у нас уже на настолько flexible, как в былые времена.
>> No. 136834
Это просто реквесты неправильные. Все пытаются из Тока еще одного Ликота сделать. Так как Ликот был первым персонажем, то все ебанистические реквесты про еблю пляжей и т.д. стали частью его характера. Для Тока надо просто вырабоать его личные ебанистические рельсы.
Раз уж он так боится комаров, имеет более чувствительную натуру и подвержен саморефлексии, то пусть будет типа эмо. Будет метаться туда сюда. От ненависти до любви ко всем и каждому по любому чиху.
>> No. 136837
>ебля пляжа
Двачую, самое время выебать пляж.
>> No. 136840
?? надо бы на бухту фан-арт тоже закинуть.
>> No. 136841
>попал на забугорную вики
Пора бы уже привыкнуть, что это не сложно, попадать на вики. Олсо было добавлено с русского IP.
>> No. 136852
In the prison you hadn't much things to do so you followed with questioning Shasad.
- You said, you were passing by here with the caravan? - Shasan noddled - so the bridge on the direct road had been already ruined, when you were going to Aron-Iton. Why didn't you warn about it?
- Oh, to be honest, I didn't think it was important. When I was on my way to Akrulaban as a migrant, the brige was intact, but it was long time ago. The traders seemed to know about it and turned north without a stop.
- They risked traveling close to goblins. - you asked mistrustfully.
- They had a guard actually, also some more warriors joined them. Think they could care about themselves.
The rest of the day you spent talknig about world around: Shasad told that earlier she lived in Akazgtrid - a prosperous mountain home to the east from here. She also gave you a small geography lesson. You, in turn, told Shasad a story of Assarotung's fall and journey to Ladtakomage, but didn't mention about friendship with Likot and inprisoning in Arol-Iton for now.
All that time Tomod was sitting quietly. If even Shasad couldn't get him talking it is worthless for you to even try.

In the evening humans brought a bowl of pottage for everyone and escorted each of you "for a walk". The maypole was guarded by three at once, so there was no opportunity to escape. Then most soldiers dispersed to their homes and only watchmen left on the street. One of them was sometimes passing by with a torch near the wagon, where you were kept, and another one, looks like, was keeping watch on the bridge.
Suddenly i heard a rustle. It faded for a second, then the wagon sweng a little and you saw, with your accustomed to the darkness vision, the kobold's muzzle showed up in the window.
- Nux - you barely shouted but started to whisper in time - I wasn't hoping you come back.
- Quieth! - the kobold said excitedly - Who is sat dwarfess, can you tfust her?
- Yes, she is an ambassador from Akrulaban - you answered.
- And you are The Kobold-Guide? - Shasad asked.
- We haven't much time, the guard will came back soon. I have a message for that giant - Nux turned to Tomod - The Crow is back into the pack - the kobold said the memorized phrase - and I must go or I'm gonna be caught.
- Wait! - you snuggled to the bars simultaneously with the human.
- What does it mean? - you asked.
- You are from Thor? - Tomod added. His behaviour changed in a moment.
The Kobold looked around nervously, after making sure no northmen are around, he began his story.
- I was walking around for a while, wondering they can release you. I hid in long grass, waiting for the evening. That moment i was surrounded, never thought humans can ambush too. They started to interrogate me. I thought they'll skin me. But when they found out I was with dwarf that was cought by villagemen they deliberated and ordered me to deliver that message.
>> No. 136857
Для передачи геометрических снов стоит Тора Уребе переименовать в Торуса (Torus).
>> No. 136863
>> No. 136875
- So, that's your play now! - you turned to Tomod - When I asked you to break down the wall - you were silent, but when your bandit-buddies sent you the message you suddenly woke up.
Despite you were wispering not to attract guards attention, you wasn't hesitating to poke the maypole's chest with a finger a couple of times expressing your complaint.
- Now I can trust you - Tomod excused himself.
- And who did you think we were for you before? - you continued to press him.
- All right - he fetch a sigh - I didn't want you to know 'cause you could issue me to the guard. I'am telling it now to prove I'm on your side. For real I wasn't stealing food in the village, my relatives live there. I'm helping them, bringing them a part of my share in Torus squad. They'll have hard times if soldiers know about it.
- Very well, now listen to me. I have a brilliant plan how to escape from here - Tomod noddled - Nux should gather some rocks near the river and bring them to us. We take off our socks and put the rocks in it - that will be our weapons. However we should take off the rest of out clothes too.
- Why that? - Shasad wondered.
- That's for phychological effect, don't interrupt me. Later - you go on - we need to plug the windows with the clothes and start screaming. Watchmen will come but they won't see anything. And when they open the door, that's when psychologincal effect comes into play. That time Nux jumps out from behind the house, naked too, of course! They are in stupor and we hit them with rock-in-socks and flee away!
- Bad plan - Nux commented - last time I suggested to sneak throught to bridge at night. Agreed your dog plan - that was foolish. I was barely skinned.
- Indeed - Tomod noddled - there are about ten people. We'll hardly even know how Torus wanted to help us.

Suddenly somewhat creaked. Nux immediately jumped away form the window in fear and, looks like, hid under the wagon. You came to the opposite window to see what is going on and saw one of the northmen coming out from the neighboring house. The guard with the torch approached him.
- I came to release you form buty - you heard first man's voice straining your hearing.
- Everything is fine here - the second answered.
- Good - the first one fell silent for a moment and then began talknig again - I heard captain wants to send those to the city tomorrow.
- Why so early?
- Dunno, like he was stinged by a moskito - you shivered - he even wants to escoprt them by himself.
- I'd better stay on my post here - the second laughed - no captain and fresh food.
- Yeah, you'll be enjoying until goblins come.
- Damn you! - the guard raped out an oath and went to the house.
>> No. 136876
You were sitting angry because your brilliant escape plan wasn't supported.

"Tut-Tut! They are afraid to get naked for their own salvation. They absolutely don't understand the situation they are in right now. Likot would do the same at my place." With each new thought twist you were more and more angry. Next second the agner was ready to splash out to give a freedom to your fists. But suddenly a perfidious thought came into your mind: "I'm trying to ack like Likot, but where am I and where is he! He is a ruler in his own mountain home and I'm sitting here. That's because he is chosen by fate itself not like me, just a mediocre dwarf."

Now all your anger was pointed inside yourself. You were angry on your own helplessness, inability to stand up for yourself, blind imitating Likot which now revealed you all your drawbacks and you were anrgy on them too. You weren't bothered what Tomod was telling Nux that came back and what Shasad was trying to tell you. You were just sitting immersed into despair seeing nothing around.
You couldn't tell how much time you spent in such condition but strong push which threw you on the wagon's floor and sharp pain in upper hand deduced you from stupor.
- What's going on?! - you wondered.
- They came to rescue us! - Shasad answered excitedly.
>> No. 136879
- Who?! - you exclaimed rising on to your feet.
- People from Tomod's squad - Shasad explained.
- You mean gang - dwarfess shrugged.
Meanwhile Tomod was pouncing on the door with all his mass. It yielded with the second strike, sweng open and hanged on a single loop. Human jumped out of the wagon, looked around and ran towards the screams, disappearing from a viewfield.
- Let's go - Shasad was going to follow him but you stopped her pulling her hand and hugging her.
- We are staying here. You want an arrow to your back or something?
- But Tok, northmen do not have bows - she said confusedly.
- It doesn't matter, it's too dangerous - you set her free and sat down the bench - we'll wait until fight is over.
A couple of minutes passed until screams, metal clash and horse clatters faded. All that time Shasad was staring on the outlet. You, on the opposite, were calm knowing that now there is nothing depends on you. Shasad suddenly winced. You turned towards the outlet and noticed a human in leather armor with a scimitar in his hands. His look told you that he is definetely not a soldier from Metalome and it means that everything went fine.
- What are you sitting here?! You are free. Get out quickly!

Outside you and Shasad were surrounded by several Tomod's freinds. Two more were gathering weapons and armor from the fallen soldires, one was hastly unharnessing horses out of the wagon. Tomod was sitting on a rock near a roadside. He looked pale and a blood stain was flowing on his shirt. Another wounded was lying nearby, two men were bustling about him. A tall human with a black hair and a beard approached you. His left cheek was marked with a scar.
- I'm Torus Urebe. You got very lucky that Tomod was with you. I bet you'll be executed next day after your arrival to Metalome.
- We are grateful for your help - Shasad smiled.
- I heard you are heading to Akrulaban. It's dangerous to go alone. I won't forgive myself if honorable dwarves disappear on their way after we saved them - humans around noddled in concert.
- But... - Shasad was going to tell something but Torus interrupted her.
- we have not much time. Two riders escaped and soon reinforcements will arrive here. We need to leave as soon as possible - he turned to a redhead guy who was dealing with harness and shouted at him and then went to Tomod.
>> No. 136880
You thought that while you have time you should search for your stuff. However after walking aroung the wagon you did find neighter your spear nor backpack. Look like, they decided to leave it in that village.
"It's good that I didn't put the letter inside it" - you thought and only that moment you remembered that it was taken by the Metalome captain. Overcomimg the panic attack you primarily tryed to recall a content of the letter. You couldn't guarantee the precision of you retelling, but in general you remembered the text. Next you thought that captain could be dead in a struggle and started to search him among the bodies scattered aroung. But in vain.
- Hey-hey! What are you running around here! - one of the Torus's men stopped you - old-aged man with a bowl haircut.
- Do you know those who escaped? - you asked.
- Ha, how could I know them Mr.Dwarf...
- I don't mean that. Did their captain escaped?
- Ah - human smiled - there was one riding on a horse, proud for himself, souting around, when things got bad he fled immediately.
- We need to catch him!
- How can we? And why? - he shrugged.
- But he has my letter.
- Well, there is nothing we can do. Think about leaving the chase.

As soon as Torus men dealt with the harness, wounded were sat on the horses. Two more men were leaving with them. Shasad went to say goodbuy to Tomod, you decided to stay aside.
"Be careful! Go down the road neatly" - Torus gave last orders. Horses with wounded men were lead to the north. "Let's go!" - he commanded and headed to the opposite direction.
Humans were walking fast. It was hard for you and Shasad to follow them so it wasn't much time to talk. Just a couple of phrases were said so you had to wait for a halt to get answers on your questions you had plenty of: who is Torus Ubere and his men, for example. You got used to call them bandits but you couldn't figure out what is their occupation from what Tomod told you.
By the way Nux joined you.
- I'm glad you fafe - the kobold ran to you - was going to beath all fit out ot them but Forus told me to waith here! I can't waif us to reach the fortress.
>> No. 136884
>You should address to the bald one and say:
>- Look, do you know what time is it? Like, can you make a guess or something?

Lad slowly, almost mechanically turned his head to you, and it seemed that quick-witted smile flashed on his face. Dwarfess realized what would follow, looked away to see only the wall and crossed legs.
Big man knocked you on your belly on the bench and you have felt that someone pulls down your pants. Just because you've recently pulled it down from kobold - you had time to think.
- BANG BANG TIME! - Bully's voice was unpleasuntly high pitched with psycho touch.

Your actions?


You were lying on the couch and listening the voices that were deciding how to confront the violent actions from the goon. At this point,MOSQUTO sat on the nose! Counter of negative thoughts added another point and exceeded the threshold. It is time for the unbridled fun! The first thing shattered was wagon and its passengers. Debris covered the whole village, and the shock wave brought out all the windows. Crazed guards rushed to their heels over the bridge, but you collapsed it at single stroke. The door of community (you think) house crossed way of your foot. Its scraps hammered in the third guard, who was hiding behind it. And it looks like furious rush was diyng down, but one last thing left - sweet buns of the kobold ...

Чую, в этот раз не без косяка. Вычитайте наискосок хотя бы
>> No. 136885
You went on your way. Several times Torus sent his men to trample down false trails before going down the road. Now your squad was divided into groups with several men in each walking separately from each other. You, Shasad and Nux had to separate too. Soon after passing another hill you saw a river below.
- I can't swim - you hastened to warn everyone - Don't you think to cross it?
- You'll learn soon enough - one of the escorters laughed.
- Stop it! - the second one punched pushed him - We were told to keep those silly jokes to ourselves. Don't worry - he applyed to you - you won't have to swim.
On the way down humans slowed down letting Torus to go forward. He reacged the river shore walked down the river and stopped raising up his hand. Whole squad headed to him to rejoin.
- Nor, Asik, Budo lift the boat - Torus commanded - and you - he applied to you and Shasad - rest for now. There will be a long walk today.
While humans were taking out rocks from the submerged boat standing waist-deep in the water, you decided it was the perfect time to ask Torus.
- I wanna ask you - you said fearing that squad leader will take the question in bad part - who are you: mercenaries, bandits, revolutionaries - you watched his facial expression carefully trying to understand haven't you rossed the line or not - or fighters for justice.
- If the answer "those who saved you" isn't enough - Torus frowned - i can say that in Metalome people call us bandits and some of us deserters and traitors. Sometimes merchants and travellers uses our services. As for justice, many of my men has been acted injust otherwise they won't have to risk their lives all the time.
- I understand - you decided to change the subject quickly - What about Metalome soldiers, why did they capture us?
- The king was allways suspicious to all strangers. We always had problems with goblins but lately relationships between Metalome and neighbouring mountain home cooled down. Soldiers, apparently, decided that you are suspicious. Anyway, with all my respect, sending ambassadors alone without any escort and even with a kobold-guide is carelessly - you remembered Kastar but decided to keep silence hoping that Nux won't get into conversation.
- Is that an answer? - you complained to Shasad when Torus went to check how work is going on.
- I think you treaded on his corns - she answered

When the ballast was out, humans pulled the small boat on the river shore. Its wood was blackened by water, it was all covered with water plants and shells but it still could float. The squad crossed the river a little bit down the river in several runs and than the boat was submerged again there.
Then you walked again. Hills were getting higher and higher, a flatland purged by all winds changed to pinery. It was getting late, you were exhausted with the long trek and were moving like in somewhat trance without feeling your legs, that's why you barely smashed in the back of man walking ahead you when the squad stopped.
- What a beauty! - Shasad exclaimed.
You looked around: onward you saw ground ended off harshly and further to the horizon there was water suface dotted with island peaks and framed with crags. The drooping sun colored water with a scarlet tint. The view was fascinating and freightening in the same time. Especially because you never saw such a vast empty space. You started to feel dizzy and hastened to move you look on rocks below your feet.
- We'll stay here for the night - you heard Torus voice - we went far enough into goblin's land not to be afraid of Melatome patrols.
- What is this place? - Shasad asked.
- Goblins call this bay a Shark jaws. There - you ceased to examine rocks for a while to look where Torus indicated - behind the mountain is their citadel. That way - human wagged his hand to the direction of massif on the opposite side of the bay - Akrulaban is located. It will take a couple of days to get there, not in such a mad pace of course - he smiled.
You ate and drained at one gulp a wineskip of some low quality beer, while hearing some unapproving human whispering, but you felt it as the best drink you've ever tasted and fell asleep among rocks.
>> No. 136886
The lad turned his head to you lowly, almost mechanically and it seems you saw a quick-witted smile flashed on his face.
Just as you've pulling pats down from the kobold - you thought that moment.
-SNU-SNU TIME!(думаю все поймут)
Второй кусок влом читать. не заывай артикли и не бойся перефразировать если получается не очень. Никто не требует прям дословного перевода.
>> No. 136887
>you've pulling pats

You're just making a fool of yourself, mah boi, aren't you.
>> No. 136892
Колесо Отмазок говорит, что это сделал мой злой брат-близнецб который хочет очернить меня в глазах сообщества.
c:thaxyc благодарит за комментарий
>> No. 136895
You were dreaming that you were riding on a "shark" in infinite water vasts. in dreams neither water not giant green fish weren't frightening you. But when you woke up you were glad be in the same place when you had fallen asleep not floudering in the water among bloodthirsty fishes.
After breakfast the squad went on it's journey. As Torus had promised, the squad slowed down it's pace and now walking wasn't an endurance challenge for you. Eventually your optimism started to come back: whoever were theese humans they weren't going to harm you, on contrary, they tryed be friendly. You even started to feel the importance of ambassador title. Nux also was overjoyed arriving to dwarven fortress soon. All the way he was asking questions: "Is it true that kings mansion is bigger then the whole kobold burrow?" or "Tok, can dwarves really stop rivers and turn back it's flow?" and so on. Shasad was the only one who stayed serious and concentrated.
- Tok - she waited for a moment when humans weren't around to start conversation - i don't think they escort us to the fortress just because they are good fellows. Please be more moderate next time.
- What do you mean?
- I mean that you demanded additional food last time we made a camp.
- But they didn't mind to give it to me...Shasad - you went on after a short pause - I told you that King Likot is my friend. He'll not only compensate all their expenses if they ask but he'll reward them when he learn they saved us. So don't worry - you soothed her.
Next day you came on the road connecting Akrulaban and Ladtakomage, at least before, 'cause the bridge was ruined. Next camp was made when, by Shasad words, it wasn't more then two hours walking to the fortress.
>> No. 136896
Next morning you saw Akrulaban. A stumpy wall disappearing against the giant moutain was securing the entrance carved in the rock. Part of towers was covered with scaffold. No more above-ground buildings were seen: that's what true dwarf fortress should look like, the only things that cannot be placed underground are on the surface. The fortress seemed to be abandoned, no workers, no guards on the walls, just rare dog howling was brought to your ears with the wind.
Torus stopped his squad in a couple hundred of steps from gates.
- Wait here, I'll go to make sure that everything is OK - he said you and went to the gates with a couple of his men.
The howling changed to barking when humans came closer and several minutes later a dwarf came up the tower above the gates. He looked around quickly, had a word with Torus and disappeared. Several more minutes later tree dwarfes came up to the wall. They were negotiating with Torus for a quite long time before descending and opening the gates and...started to talk again. Shasad couldn't withstand this and wanted to go and find out what's going on, but humans stopped her.
- You can't go there! - a human blocked her way.
- Why?
- Torus said to wait here, so we wait until he discuss everything - said the second one.
Finally waiting was over: humans were coming back with an accompaniment of three dwarves and you notices two move figures on the wall.
- Sinsot, hel.. - Shasad waved her hand when dwarves came closer.
- What is that - the one who she were waving to interrupted her - I thought you'll be absent for a week no more, but you dasappeared for the eternity and now you're coming back in a company of some sort of extortionists. 30 gold coins for escorting tree persons, 20 for unforseen medical expenses and 2 for maintenance - Torus noddled on each item. The rest of humans crowded around watching angry dwarf with interest.
- You brought me some ambassador. And a kobold - Sinsot wasn't chilling out - I bought a dog to rip those thiefs apart and now you suggest me to pay for his escort! I heard enough of you, now you, Shasad, I'm listening to you now.
>> No. 136897
Shasad tryed to speak but you interrupted her.
- First of all, hello. Secondly, I'm not "some ambassador", I am the ambassador of Her Highness Kisat Vellokum, Queen of Arol-Iton - you said proudly - I demand to escort me to the king.
- Let's sort out our problems first - Torus intervened.
- Yes, and pay those peole: without their help neither me nor Shasad were able to reach this place safely.
- Don't tell me what to do - Sinsot answered - I am who makes decisions. And now I want to listen what Shasad has to say.
- At last you had you talkings over - she answered discontentedly - I was captured by men from Metalome when I was on my way back. After me the ambassador from Arol-Iton was captured. Torus squad released us and escorted here. By the way, two of his men were injured in that battle. I won't mention all details of their relations with Metalome government but they did us a great favor and it would be just to reward them.
- And what about the kobold?
- He is a guide. Actually he is the one who called for help.
- All right - Sinsot said unwillingly - we'll pay for them. But we don't mint coins in the fortress, we can suggest...
- We are ready to accept the gold only - Torus interrupted him - we can't search for buyers of your stonecrafts or mechanisms whatever masterpieces it can be.
- The gold - Sinsot grumbled.
- I saw a couple of goblets - said one of his accompanyings - whatever we don't need such a luxury.
- So go and bring it, Atil.

While everyone was waiting for Atil with goblets, Nux came to you.
- Liften - Nux wispered - I didn't imagine everyfing fat way.
- What do you mean?
- Well, I guess fey aren't really glad to see you, not menfioning me. I'm not fure I want to ftay in that fortress.
While you were trying to come up with some words to answer, Torus, who was standing near and heard everything, come into your conversation.
- If you are ready to release your guide I would be glad to accept him to the squard as a scout. He has already proven himself able to fit this job. And of course I'll take no payment for his escort in that case. A scout is worth it's weight on gold for us - Torus smiled.
>> No. 136928
- Do what you want, Nux - you answered - I always knew the time will come for you to go. I see adventures are calling for you. To go on the very edge, that's why you were born: to endure all hardships of combat life, sleepless dank nights, long treks - everything for excitement of battle...
- Don't dramatize like that - Torus stopped you.
- Yes, Nux - you sighed - no everyone are glad to see you in the fortress. In worst case, things will go that you'll have to be satisfied with simple personal room and just two meals a day.
- Emm - the kobold was shifting his gaze between you and Torus - well, I've spent much time to get here. It would be pity to waste it - he waited a little bit before making a decision - I'll stay.
>> No. 136929
Soon Atil run back from the fortress holding threee golden goblets. Torus gave it to elderly balding men. He was weighing goblets in hands for a long time, trying to scrape it with the knife and viewing it very carefully.
- I guess 20 gold coins for each is a good price - he verdicted - wait a second, what are theese scribbles?
- Let me see - another human looked over his shoulder - looks like dwarven writings. Budo, come here, you were bragging you can read those.
- Ki..King - blackhair men grabbed the goblet and started to walk around frowning - vam-pi-re pro-tec-tor. Sa-bo-tage.
- What? You kidding me? - bawls were heard from all directions.
- That what is written there, bullhead! - he sassed.
- For real? Theese dwarves are funny guys - someone said laughing.
>> No. 136930
- Silence - Torus commanded - you have to pay us 52 gold coins - he took one of the goblets, an axe and cut it's leg with one hit - here is your change - he passed it to Sinsot. Dwarf beveled but took the gold piece.
- Gentlemen, it was a pleasure to deal with you - Torus smiled - if you'll need our service later, just leave a message under the road stone near the ruined bridge. Farewell.
>> No. 137153
Torus turned and walked away, his men followed him.
Sinsot was standing for a minute watching they leaving with a disgust.
- Follow me! - he spitted and went towards the fortress.
You were leaded throught the gates into the inner yard. There was the dog on a chain greeting dwarfes happily barking and wagging it's tail. In despite of it's friendliness Nux preferred to sneak by hiding behind your back.
Next you passed the Trade Depot and had a long way down the main stairs right into the mountain deeps. You saw some dwarfes while, they greeted Sinsot and watched you and the Kobold curiously. Some of them tried questioning Shasad about her journey, but she answered that she is busy and she'd tell everything later.
You were asked to wait in office, which, looks like, was empty for a long time. Later a bucket with water was brought so you can wash youtself and some food: plumphelmet caps and stripes salad and a mug of dwarven wine.

An hour passed before someone came for you. You were guided to the throne hall and the Likot shaped throne got your attention immediately, that's why you didn't notice Sinsot in the first place, who was sitting at a big desk.
- Please, sit down! - he invited you - I'm pleased to welcome you in the Akrulaban. I've already talked to Shasad about her visit to Arol-Iton. She said that trade agreement with the queen was signed and other questions were solved successfully. So what is YOUR purpose of visiting the Akrulaban?
- I have an urgent message for you King, but it can be delivered personally only.
- The King haven't returned from the compain to the caverns. I'm his vicar - Sinsot frowned - so deliver it to me.
- I can wait - you answered.
- You don't understand - Sinsot leaned over the desk towards you - We consider him missing, but, more likely, he is dead.
- Likot is dead? - you chanted beeing not able to accept such a shocking news.
- I'm afraid so - he sighed.
- No, no, no..- you mumbled lowering your head - this can't be!
You couldn't imagine how something could happen to Likot. The Likot, who always was an example for you, who allways could find a way out of any mire. For a moment you felt an anger to Sinsot, but it faded like a sparkle in a perception of failty of all existance flooded you mind.
- How did that happen? - you asked still lowering your eyes.
- The King went on an expedition with a bodykeepers squad. A few days later a huge cave-in happened in the deeps: all citizens of the fortress felt the ground shaking. The saving expedition was lauched immediately. We discovered signes of cave-in, but because of new cave-in danger and risks of meeting cave creatures we cut down searches. Anyways they would have ran out of supplies a week ago.
You were silent.
- I see you are shocked - Sinsot continued. The discontent notes appeared in his voice again - however... - he reached you and shaked you by the shoulders - look at me! - he growled - The message, if it is really important, I demant you to deliver it now to me as a ruler of the Akrulaban.
>> No. 137164
Бит ми, но может Нукса нужно писать как Noox?
Потому как Nux читается как Накс.
>> No. 137166
Наверное да, но уже поздно.
>> No. 137168
Файл 143384518479.jpg - (84.55KB , 600x315 , mad_max_nux.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 138127
>> No. 138217

Да как угодно, тащемта
>> No. 138219
Ну ядрёной бомбой его все же не стоит называть.
>> No. 138343
Нюха - это драгоценность для банчей.
Если есть нюхонтейнер - ищи Куклу.
Но будь осторожен, банчи очень не любят, когда им привозят не их нюху.
>> No. 138344
Файл 143637904394.png - (166.70KB , 304x304 , thats-my-nigga-thumb.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 138345
Файл 143638152994.png - (47.51KB , 425x295 , r.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
??ди своей дорогой, вангер.
>> No. 138347
дайте покурить ваших грибов
>> No. 138352
Но помни: на Олимпийских ??грах лучше быть зрителем, чем участником, даже в Аэростатах. Так что без Жаблей к Модному Гире лучше и не суйся.
А хотя какая разница, тебе б хоть Элирекцию выиграть для начала.
>> No. 138358
Класс, я люблю такую анимацию, еще со времен Пластилиного Дворника / Прошлогоднего Снега. Это реально укуренное искусство.
>> No. 138552
Файл 4Alex.rar - (753.51KB ) Extension icon displayed, click image to open file. 138552
Графу Алексу в собственнные руки.

В архивах найдены пикчи для сего поста:
>> No. 138554
Файл 143725128181.jpg - (142.57KB , 900x637 , starper.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Какие же ламповые были рисунки у староопа
>> No. 138565
Тысяча чертей, благодарю! Починил ссылки.
>> No. 144618

You wake up in your new room, but in no hurry to get out of bed. Not only you had to carry rocks all day long yesterday but also some goblin's ass roared nearby all night making it difficult to sleep. So the beginning of the third day at Akrulaban was not particularly pleasant.
After successfully breaking the lock in the cave and meeting the spider you have not progressed an inch to the rescue of Likot. You were easily able to justify your absence with looking for Nux who was lost in the corridors of the fortress. But after Urist gave you no breaks: you just had moved into a room when she set you to study the plans of buildings, and the next day you were constructing furnace with this strange Urvad. Armok, how in the world it was any good idea to tame mosquito as a pet and carry it along all the time. You involuntarily shivered and decided to get out of bed, which no longer seemed so cozy.
- Oooh, afff-awken! - spider crawled out of the dark gap under the wardrobe, - Will you make dwarfffes to dig through collapssse today?
- I do not know - you frown.
- You sssaid the sssame yessterday.
- I have already explained to you that all is not as easy as you think. Enough of accusations! Likot, by the way, is my friend. You're the one here who does it out of boredom.
The words seem to slip past spider ears or whatever those antropods listen with. You were more and more convinced that talking to him like with a dwarf is absolutely useless. His reaction to your words was often not in line with expectations.
- Today I'll catch with the other dwarves in the meeting hall and then go with them to prepare rooms for burials, may be I'll able to work something out ...
- Thsssen I go wisss you, - spider interrupted you lightning fast leaping on the bed, - I'll ssshow how to dighh.
>> No. 144624
Лол. теперь у них два перевода одного поста на бухте. Мой и твой.
>> No. 148376
Криперум, выходи на связь. Добрый братишка с Реддита взялся пофиксить ляпы перевода и, видимо, угорел как надо. Лови http://pastebin.com/HreGXEJA
>> No. 148677
Ох едрить! чисто случайно промотал вниз а тут такое. Молодец чувак конечно. Жаль только первые посты (несколько десятков) писал не я. Так что и исправить не могу.
>> No. 156584
>Ask him if there's cave wheat cutlets with pasta on the menu
>Let's introduve our new friend to our mates
>Find out what's going on in the fortress
>Pretend we are local / ask where the soap workshops are

You raised your red eyes and sobbed:
- Do you have cutlets?
- Of course, - the dwarf nodded, - Made of plump helmet. Now we have everything made of plump helmet.
- Even the skies? - You got to your feet.
- Forget about the sky for good, - he put a hand on your shoulder and led you down the corridor. - You've been sitting there for a long time. Must be missed all the news?
You looked back at the wall. Armok was still there, winking about something to the dick. Then he caught your eye:
- You can go, we here must finish one little business.
The Idol smiled mysteriously and slowly closed the door. You decided not to focus on it:
- Is Republic all right? - you glared at your guide.
- For sure! The plan is put into effect, "goblin fodder" slays everyone who is against us up there, and then our Smoky Monster will choke them as well. Then it will remain to guard the upper halls from any intervention. Or maybe it’ll get out and leave - we don`t give a shit. What's matter is that we are now our own masters! No more nobles and their whores - queens. Only mines, narrow tunnels, dark caves! All treasures are for us! A bright future has come, brother! Hurry up and grab the pickaxe! Dig the adit!
You kept staring around:
- Do you make soap around here?
- why the hell would we? Soap is for kid-gloves like that damned Shorast Oninoagak, but we are hard workers, our calloused fingers are not for rubbibg tits, we dig up the womb of the mountain. We touch its very essence. Soap here is an absolutely superfluous attribute. Besides, it's the attribute of the nobility, and therefore undoubtly offensive! We wash ourselfs with clear water without any perfumes and poultices here. Got it? - he slapped you on the shoulder, and laughed.
You just came to the well where some dwarfess was washing her face.
- See ya, brother, till next time in the excavations. Don’t wander around here anymore, you've seen what shit might happen. So... the canteen upstairs already works by the way. Go glut yourself with all the plump helmet dishes, - he slapped you on the shoulder again and left down the corridor.
The woman looked up at you:
- Well, what was this all?
- This what? - You didn`t understand.
- What`s with your hair? Why is the beard white? "I’ll just drop one mug!", "Magma workshops and all stuff!" Told you not to go there - no, you got drunk like an animal. Where have you been all week? Drinkin booze to unconsciousness? Look at you - drank up to gray hair!
You stared at a stranger:
- Who are you?
- Hello there! - she threw up her hands, - I`m Sedil ... your wife.
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